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About us

About Us

Salt House is a small, family-owned business operation based out of Toronto, Canada.  We offer one of the largest, most diverse collection of products made from pure Himalayan salt.  The entire range of salt products have been manufactured from variations of Himalayan salt (light pink, dark pink, maroon, white and black) mined from Salt Ranges in the Punjab region of Pakistan. 

We also offer other products which are used for wellness, personal care, and natural beauty.  We only use pure essentials oils in all our natural beauty products to give them the aroma of your choice.

Our effort has been to offer a comprehensive portfolio, so our customers do not have to look for different sources to fulfill their wellness needs.  We carry extensive inventory which enables us to get your favorite product in your hands within no time.  


To offer high quality, wellness, and natural beauty products to the customers at an affordable price.

Business Guiding Principles

  • Integrity

  • Doing the right thing

  • Transparency 

  • Best In Class Products

  • Superior quality

  • Aesthetically pleasing and soothing

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Value for money

  • Extensive product lineup 

  • Excellent customer services